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Woodlake, One of Sacramento's Hidden Gems

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

If Sacramento is Northern California's best kept secret, Woodlake has to rank as Sacramento's best kept secret. As a real estate agent in Sacramento, I am lucky enough to get to explore many neighborhoods. We live in a beautiful place. For years I had driven down Arden Way and had noticed the beautiful homes on the south side of the street but it wasn't until I actually drove into the neighborhood, that I truly understood the magic of Woodlake. I still remember the first time Randall and I drove into the Woodlake neighborhood. We were both blown away by the charm of the streets and the beauty of the homes.

Developed in the early 1920's by Carl Johnston, the winding roads and street names like Oxford and Canterbury are a homage to Old England. One of the most endearing features of the development is that no two homes could be alike. Walking through the original neighborhood, often called Woodlake 1 by its residents, you get a master class in early 20th century architecture. From tudors to English cottages to Spanish colonial and even mission revival, each home is unique and beautiful.

Just five minutes from the state capitol, Woodlake was billed as the most exclusive development when it was carved out of pasture lands once owned by developer and horse breeder James Ben Ali Haggin in 1923. Now bordered by Arden Way and the lightrail on the north and highway 160 on the south, Woodlake still has much of its original charm.

Woodlake was part of North Sacramento, an incorporated city and the only city to border Sacramento itself. It was a thriving city in its own right until it was merged into Sacramento in a bitter election in 1964. Due to lack of focus and funding for the neighborhood, much of North Sacramento has declined over the years. Woodlake has been the bright spot. A close knit community tucked away, Woodlake has several prominent residents.

As a real estate agent in Sacramento, it amazes me how many life long residence aren't familiar with Woodlake. If home buyers are looking for the charm of East Sacramento, Curtis Park or Land Park, I always encourage them to check out Woodlake. Homes don't come on the market there very often but when they do, they are worth seeing. We have been lucky enough to list and sell two beautiful properties on Blackwood Street. I remember walking into the first one and being blown away by the incredible living room and dining room. Both still had much of their original charm. To this day, that living room ranks as my favorite in an older home.

If you are a lover of older homes, I would encourage you to take a walk through the Woodlake neighborhood. The canopy of the trees and the beauty of the homes won't disappoint.

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