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We Are Here to Help, Any Way We Can

I will never forget March 11th, 2020. I remember being in San Francisco at a bar with Randall and some other friends watching the NBA announce that they were cancelling games that night. Everyone in that bar was in shock. Like dominoes, over the next few days, everything shut down.

I never knew how much of a social person I was until that part of my life was taken away. Being a real estate agent in Sacramento, open houses had been a major part of our business. I loved meeting new people, connecting with them, and helping them find their dream home. Open houses were shut down almost immediately. For a while, we didn't know if real estate sales could continue. Luckily, real estate was declared an essential business but several modifications had to be made. Even with those modifications, Randall and I have been very lucky and we know it. We have been able to adjust our business and make it work. We know that hasn't been true for many people.

In selling homes, we have become acutely aware of how this lockdown has disrupted families and the way we live. With children doing distance learning and some parents working from home, space has become a highly sought after commodity. In this situation, having some alone time is next to impossible Being single, I have experienced the exact opposite. The emptiness can almost be deafening. Neither situation is ideal and both can wear on us emotionally.

If you, or someone you know, is struggling, please reach out for help. It isn't easy. We are a proud people and have been conditioned to hide our flaws. I want you to know that needing help isn't a flaw. Asking for help doesn't make you weak. Asking for help makes you brave. The flip side of that is being able to help, makes all of us feel better. They say that time is our greatest asset. I want to take that a step further and say that giving of ourselves is our greatest asset.

At Stocker and Watts, being able to give back to the community has always been a priority. We sell real estate but we build connections. Those connections are the driving force behind everything we do. We are grateful that we are in a position where we can help others. With the resources of the Sacramento community at our fingertips, we encourage you to reach out if you need help. Our diverse backgrounds give us a unique perspective and allow us to help without judgment. At some point in our lives, we have struggled and have had to ask for help. Those struggles have made us stronger and given us the drive to want to help others. We aren't just here to help you with your real estate needs. We are here to help you any way we can, not just now, but always. Let us help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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