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Sacramento, California's Best Kept Secret

I’m an Idaho farm boy who is proud to call Sacramento home. I have lived here for over 30 years and can’t imagine living anywhere else. Sacramento is a city with many diverse and vibrant neighborhoods. Being a real estate agent, I have been afforded the opportunity to learn about many of these neighborhoods. Over the next few weeks, I plan on writing blogs about many of the neighborhoods in hopes that I can share with you why I feel Sacramento is such a great place to live and why I feel like it is California’s best kept secret.

I first came to Sacramento when I was 19 years old. Coming from a small town in Idaho, I will admit it was a bit intimidating at first. The hustle and bustle and the heat were two things I had to get used to very quickly. As an outsider looking in, I saw the greater Sacramento area as very diverse. A lot has changed in the past 30 years, but that diversity has remained. I tell clients all the time that the beauty of the Sacramento real estate market is that whether your budget is $250,000 or $5 million, we can find you a home.

It’s always funny to hear how surprised people are at how nice Sacramento is. Being the capitol of California, you would think our reputation would be stellar. I can’t tell you how many times I have talked to potential buyers from the bay area who are blown away at how nice the neighborhoods in Sacramento are. People who thought Sacramento was a quiet town that you passed through on your way to Tahoe are now moving here in droves. We are really the only major city in California that still has room to grow. And boy, are we growing. The Sacramento real estate market is booming.

I won’t lie, it can get hot here in the summer. It’s not unusual to have a several days in a row with the daytime temperature over 100 degrees. Our heat is a dry heat which is much more tolerable because it isn’t humid. Here’s a little secret though. We almost always cool down in the evenings. We get cool delta breezes that make summer evenings ideal for dining al fresco or going for long walks.

Speaking of dining, we are the farm to fork capital of the US. We are surrounded by rich farmlands and a mild climate that gives us fresh produce year-round. Many locals take advantage of the farmer’s markets scattered around the Sacramento region throughout the week. Even our grocery stores have locally grown and sourced produce.

Living in Sacramento, we are close to so many great destinations. A 90-minute drive can get you to Lake Tahoe or to the ocean. On those hot summer days, it is nice to escape to the mountains or take a trip to San Francisco.

Want to spend the day wine tasting? The world famous Napa Valley is less than an hour away. You don’t even have to go that far. Sacramento is surrounded by more that 200 wineries.

Not a wine fan? Sacramento has a large number of local breweries. Before the time of Covid, it was great to meet friends at a local brewery after work and just relax. I look forward to being able to do that again soon.

Driving through Sacramento, you can’t help but notice the large number of trees. Some neighborhoods have beautiful canopies of trees that completely shade the streets. This has given us the much deserved nickname, the city of trees.

There are so many great reasons to love Sacramento. I feel like I have just grazed over a few here. Like I said earlier, I will be writing posts over the next few weeks focusing on specific neighborhoods. From the vibrant grid to the great neighborhoods surrounding the city, I will take you on a journey of Sacramento through the eyes of a real estate agent who loves living here. Until then, please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

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