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Outdoor Living in Sacramento

If quarantine has taught families anything, it's what we love and hate about where we live. My family has found that our lack of outdoor space has made us feel cramped inside our home. That may seem like a silly concept, but if everywhere you go, you can hear the kids in school or your partner in their Zoom calls, then you understand. Sometimes there is not enough space to feel separate. So, we have started to find solace outside. And for us spending time outdoors in the sun is vital for all the zoomies our kids and dog have. Plus, it always seems to put everyone in a good mood afterward.

Even before the pandemic started, we started to see the importance of outdoor space within our clients' too. Wanting a place to gather for adults and still have room for the kids to play started coming to the top of the "must-haves." So, what have we started seeing in the market for great outdoor spaces?

Top choices would be:

  • A large area that is lit up

  • Large patio for a big table

  • Separate play area for the kids (enough space to put a play structure)

  • A place for a fire pit

  • Water space (pool or spa)

One thing to think about when looking at this list is that it is in ranking order. With our clients' we have seen a pool requirement drop in importance to simple gathering spaces. However, a pool is hardly a deterrent to purchasing a home.

Why should you be thinking about your outdoor space? Well, if clients are moving outdoor spaces up on their list, then so should you. The great thing about outdoor spaces over indoor spaces is that a DIY project has more leniency for errors, which means less cost for preparing your home for sale.

Quarantine caused families to exam their homes for dislikes and likes pushing an increase in outdoor space's importance within our clients. I believe it is time to walk outside and re-examine your areas. If you had a crystal ball to look at and know exactly what a buyer is looking for, wouldn't you take that advice? At Stocker and Watts, our trends say look outside and impress people with your spaces.


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