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Curtis Park - From Farmland to Beloved Neighborhood

I’m a sponge for history and historic facts. I can remember the most obscure fact about a neighborhood but ask me what I had for dinner last night and I have no clue.

When I first started in real estate here in Sacramento, I realized that holding open houses was a great way to learn about distinct Sacramento neighborhoods. I love when neighbors come in and we get to chatting. I have gleaned a lot of first-hand knowledge from life-long residents. With a little research to verify facts, I will share some of that with you.

Curtis Park is a neighborhood steeped in history. Start googling information and you can quickly find yourself in a deep rabbit hole. Located just south Broadway and nestled between the train tracks to the west and Franklin Blvd. to the east, the neighborhood that we now call Curtis Park surrounds its crown jewel, the park itself. Driving through the neighborhood, you see beautifully maintained bungalows, victorians and 1920's revival homes. One of the early subdivisions in Sacramento, Curtis Park grew out farmland once owned by William Curtis. Tree lined streets make it cool for long walks. If you are a fan of early 20th century architecture, I would encourage you to walk the neighborhoods. There is so much to see. If you get a chance to spend time in the area, you will find that it has a very unique, neighborly feel. It’s a neighborhood where everyone knows their neighbors and they look out for each other.

Almost 6 years ago, I was holding an open house in Curtis Park on Curtis Way. It was a great weekend to hold an open house because the Curtis Park Home and Garden Tour was taking place. Several locals who attend every year stopped by my open house. Rather than being annoyed at the fact that they were not interest in the home, I was happy to chat with them. I learned a lot about the amazing neighborhood.

One of my biggest take-aways was the history of some of the homes on Montgomery Way. The architectural firm of Dean and Dean built homes on that street in 1923. They were featured in the Better Homes Tour of 1923 and were used as models for homes build in the South Curtis Oaks subdivision. In 2018 these homes were granted landmark status. Much more is told about them in this article.

Sadly the Home and Garden tour were cancelled last year due to Covid-19 and I can't find any information about a tour this year.

Spring is in the air here in Sacramento. If you want to see some spectacular foliage in well maintained yards, take a walk through the Curtis Park neighborhood. I promise, it won’t disappoint.

If newer construction is more your thing, Blackpine, a local development firm has built some beautiful brownstones and family homes on Crocker Drive and are now developing a neighborhood across the street in a once vacant lot next to Sacramento City College.

Lots of things have changed over the years, but one thing remains the same. Curtis Park is a great place to live and so close to downtown Sacramento that it is a neighborhood I always show clients that are moving here from out of town.

As always, I'm here if you have any questions.

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