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Celebrate the Wins

Recently Randall and I hit a huge milestone in our careers. It is something we have dreamed about since we first met at a meeting at Lyon Real Estate in Natomas over 6 years ago. We just opened our own real estate brokerage – Stocker and Watts! I say that with fanfare now but for the past couple of weeks, I have been caught up in the many things we have needed to do in order to make this work. Having my head full of the day-to-day tasks we have needed to complete I was unable to really allow myself to feel the elation and joy that comes from achieving one of my most important professional goals. It took me seeing Adam, Randall’s young son running through our new office excited at how cool it was to realize how cool it really is. We have our own office!

My goal going forward is to really celebrate our wins. Opening Stocker and Watts as our own brokerage here in Sacramento is a huge win. I don’t take it for granted and I know there are so many people we need to thank. Our success is built on the shoulders of so many. From our partners at title and escrow, to our lender partners, we know we wouldn’t be here without you. The support we have received from friends and family who have trusted us is huge! We know that buying a home is a big deal and we are honored when you have put the trust in us to help. I am grateful to the many people we have met at open houses who have wanted to work with us. You guys make us feel like a million bucks. I love the friendships that have grown from many of those experiences. Navigating the home buying process can be very emotional. We love the bonds we have been able to make while helping people make one of the biggest decisions of their lives. On a personal note, I need to thank Randall. I don’t think either one of us had any idea six years ago that we would be where we are today. It was always an “in the future” goal. Thanks for always having my back and being a true business partner. We both need to thank Dave, our IT guy for everything he has done in the past few months to really help prepare us for this. We know we wouldn’t be as prepared for doing our own thing as we are and as comfortable doing this if it wasn’t for you.

Our goal at Stocker and Watts is to continually grow and give our clients the best experience we can, the type of experience many of you have come to expect. The great thing now is we get to do that and build our own business. We spent several days trying to come up with a catchy name. In the end, we are proud to use our last names. With our names on the business, we will always be diligent in making sure our standard of professionalism and the experience we give to our clients are top notch.

Looking forward, I am excited for what the future holds. I know our success is directly tied to the type of service we give to our customers. We are always grateful for referrals. We know the amount of trust it takes for you to tell your friends or family members about us. We promise that we will treat them like part of our own family. That is what we want to build. A family business that we can be proud of.

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