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Big or Small Brokerage? (Part 1)

Lets have a chat about the future and why, at Stocker and Watts, we believe in big change.

Lots of people talk about making a big change in their life, but seem to have a hard time following through with that change. We all know those people. We also know the people who make weekly changes and we can never keep up with all the chaos in their lives. But lets focus on those in the real estate industry trying to find their niche to serve their clients at the optimum level.

Recently, we have been expanding our agent introductions and conversations about joining our brokerage. This is normal activity for a new and growing company, but what we have been finding interesting is that many agents are afraid of a small brokerage not being able to market a property the same way a big name brokerage can. This immediately became concerning to us because if agents believe this, then maybe buyers and sellers believe the same thing. No matter what your preconception is, I am here to tell you that is not the case.

No brokerage has more exposure than another. The biggest thing a brokerage can have over another brokerage is more agents in the office. But when it comes to internet exposure a small brokerage, such as Stocker and Watts, can have just as strong a presence as a bigger brokerage. When we list a home, that home will be seen in all the same places as a bigger brokerage. As a matter of fact, most of the bigger brokerage will help promote other brokers listings because they potentially have a buyer for that property. Marketing and property promotions are very intertwined in the real estate industry. There is always two sides to every deal and if a brokerage has the potential to "pick up" one of those sides they will.

If "extra" exposure isn't really a thing then what do big brokerages have over smaller brokerages? The raw truth is really nothing, even though it is made not to seem that way. Its like saying a local chain of grocery stores or restaurants is not as good or worse than a big chain store. This is coming from personal experience.

I spent multiple years at the big brand name brokerage. And I can tell you with 100% certainty that no one ever said they hired me because I worked for the big name brokerage. They interviewed and hired me because I came recommended from friends, I proved myself with market knowledge, or I was able to deliver on exactly what I said I could do. There are good agents everywhere, it might take time to find them but I can assure you in the big brokerage or in the boutique brokerage there are agents who will work their butt off for you.

The next time you're looking for representation on a home sell or purchase interview a couple agents from different brokerages. We believe that you'd be surprised by how effective an agent can be when they rely on their connections in the industry and not the brokerage name.

- Randall Watts


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